Locks- / Screw Filters

This type of filter is a galvanized bag filter system. The ventilator can be placed on the clean gas sideor on the raw gas side. The cleaning of the material can be triggered by a jet system by compressed air pulses or by using a vibrating motor. With a rotary or a screw conveyor the cleaned material is discharged. Due to the modular design of this filter, it can easily be extended.

Galvanized bag filter systems - modular expansion

In several projects the filter is located near to the consumer, to transport the waste to an interim storage by a low energy consumption.

  • Ideal for separating two pressure systems (suction / discharge system)
  • Filter for unpressurized discharge by gravity 
  • Interim storage of waste materials is only possible for short periods depending on the material
  • Filter area: 60m² - 1500m²


Further examples of application of our filter systems:

Central suction of an recycling plant