Renaming of R&R Technik

Renaming R/R Technik GmbH

Dear Customers,

It is our endeavor to work with our customers and suppliers to design more efficient business processes, to be able to position our products and services more cost-effective to the market. This has prompted us to step to simplify our corporate structures.

With effect from 01.01.2016, we have renamed the R&R-Technik GmbH in the R & R-BETH GmbH. Formal-legal changes nothing more than the name of the company. As of 01.01.2016, the R&BETH GmbH takes the full legal successor of the R& R-Technik GmbH.

Business correspondence (including inquiries, quotations, order confirmations, invoices, etc.), we ask you to send them to the known contacts with the following company name!

Gewerbegebiet Unterlemnitz 7
07356 Bad Lobenstein

To have further potential in the areas of efficiency and simplification of our operations, we are expected as of 31.03.2016 to merge retroactively as of  01.01.2016, the two members of our group of companies "airpex GmbH" and  "BETH Filter GmbH" with the R&R BETH GmbH. With this merger, the R&R-BETH GmbH takes the entire legal succession of the two companies.

Current orders will be handled in two companies until 31.03.2016 and from 01.04.2016 as the R&BETH GmbH.

We kindly ask you to place new orders as of 01.01.2016 directly in the R&BETH GmbH.

In March/April 2016, we will again keep you informed on the progress of the merger of our company.

Thank you for your trust, we look forward to further partnership.